Designed to guide players of all abilities take their game to the next level.


Are You Ready to Play Better Golf?

Allen and I are the only married couple in the WORLD who have competed on all four major tours. The PGA Tour, The LPGA Tour, The Champions Tour, and The Legends Tour. We have over twenty “MAJORS” under our belts.

The PGA Championship

The LPGA Championship

The U.S. Open

The U.S. Women’s Open

The Masters

Our expertise comes from “playing the game of golf”.

We have witnessed and experienced not only our own personal struggles, but those of our students as well.

For this reason, we are creating the

For those seeking to improve performance, unlock potential, and create solutions, we will inspire, challenge, and teach you to “Own Your Game".

Learning to improve your game involves many different skill sets. You will have the opportunity to detect, discern, and discover how to play your best golf given your personal skills, talents, and abilities.


This members only program runs for four months from the date you start.

Members recieve:

Fourteen One Half Hour Private Golf Lessons

Fourteen One Hour Clinics (members only group classes)

Access to personal locker on V1Branded Academy- Your online video solution.

Use of the following training aides:

Flight Scope - Ball and club data which accurately analyzes every aspect of your ball striking.

Mind Meters- Raise your awareness of your tension levels and identify thoughts that cause higher levels that could derail success.

BodiTrak- Portable system capuring center of balance during a golf swing.

Opti Brain- Trains you to lower activity in the brain and to integrate the brain for performance.

TOMI- The Optimal Motion Instructor. Identifies your putting stroke patterns.

Interactive Metronome- Develop better brain training and focus.

Emwave- Stress relief system

ES14- Portable Club and ball speed measuring device.

Focus Band- This brain training device enables you to self regulate your emotional levels. Learn to play golf with your right brain.

All Other Teaching Aides

Your Personal Awareness Assessment Reports

Golf Psych Mental Skills Assessment and Report- The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers. How do you measure up?

Audio Visual Kinesthetic Report- Discover your personal learning style.

DISCGolf Sportcompass- Discover your personal behavior style and how it affects your golf game.

Initiation Fee (Includes ALL assessment reports) $150 per person

Upon payment of Inititaion fee, your Own Your Game agreement will be emailed to you.

Monthly payments will be due on the first of each month.

To sign up for your private lessons:

To sign up for your group one hour lessons:

Initiation Fee Own Your Game Academy


Monthly Fee Per Adult  $250 

(One time initiation fee above required)


Adult Own Your Game Full Fee Plus $150 Initiation Fee


Monthly Fee Junior $200

(One time intitiation fee above required)


Junior Own Your Game Full Fee Plus $150 Initiation Fee